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Until We Meet Again, Dear John by Linda Allen

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Here's what other's are saying
about this book:

Just wanted you to know that Deanna
and I loved your book.
Wow, what a love story !
We didn't want it to end !
I hope your writing another book.
You are so blessed. Keep Smiling.
~ Fran

Linda gives us a deeply
personal glimpse
into the heart of a resilient, loving
woman who cares enough about her
soul mate to do whatever it takes
to be there for him.
A fascinating, bittersweet story with
interesting turns and unexpected outcomes.
For sure, this is an excellent story, well told!
~ Jen

Linda L. Allen

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"Whenever I am
feeling sad or offtrack I pray to the angels and
they send me a feather to let me know they are listening.

I find peace in angel feathers..."

~ Linda Allen ~

The Night of the Witching Moon

Night of the Witching Moon by Linda Allen

For more insight on this book, watch the video below

Read The Night of the Witching Moon and discover how nationally renowned psychic, Linda Allen, rediscovered her “family” from another lifetime in this lifetime.

Fragments of Linda’s vision of a past life — a tale of over a century ago and in a gypsy camp — complete the story of where she met both her destiny and her soul mate. Discovering her psychic abilities as a child, Linda is in demand as a psychic, media personality and national speaker, with a focus on past lives.

Co-authored by Linda Allen and Sharon Cooper, this story has united sisters, from a previous lifetime to this lifetime, showing that past lives can provide a connection to other lifetimes, with lessons that also cross time and boundaries.


Linda Allen



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