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Just wanted you to know that Deanna
and I loved your book.
Wow, what a love story !
We didn't want it to end !
I hope your writing another book.
You are so blessed. Keep Smiling.
~ Fran

Linda gives us a deeply
personal glimpse
into the heart of a resilient, loving
woman who cares enough about her
soul mate to do whatever it takes
to be there for him.
A fascinating, bittersweet story with
interesting turns and unexpected outcomes.
For sure, this is an excellent story, well told!
~ Jen

Linda L. Allen

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"Whenever I am
feeling sad or offtrack I pray to the angels and
they send me a feather to let me know they are listening.

I find peace in angel feathers..."

~ Linda Allen ~

"Until We Meet Again, Dear John"

Until We Meet Again, Dear John by Linda Allen

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Have you ever met someone who you swear you met before, perhaps another life? What if this person was to become one of the most influential romances of your life? What if God sent you this person, but you constantly questioned their presence?

Anyone who has ever struggled with the ups and downs of true love will relate to the portrait of heartbreak in this book by Linda Allen.

With the ability to speak and console the souls of the departed. Linda puts all her psychic cards on the table in this journey of self-discovery.

She taps into her intuitive abilities with the spiritual world to look for signs from God on a large rock she comes across that resembles the hand of God, to chance meetings at home and abroad with John, a man who had instantly captured her heart.

As a reader, you will laugh, cry, and identify with the chaotic link that leads to marital happiness with another man only God could provide.

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