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Linda's book,
"Until We Meet Again, Dear John"
is available now.

Until We Meet Again, Dear John by Linda Allen

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Here's what other's are saying
about this book:

Just wanted you to know that Deanna
and I loved your book.
Wow, what a love story !
We didn't want it to end !
I hope your writing another book.
You are so blessed. Keep Smiling.
~ Fran

Linda gives us a deeply
personal glimpse
into the heart of a resilient, loving
woman who cares enough about her
soul mate to do whatever it takes
to be there for him.
A fascinating, bittersweet story with
interesting turns and unexpected outcomes.
For sure, this is an excellent story, well told!
~ Jen


Linda L. Allen
~ Services ~


"Whenever I am
feeling sad or offtrack I pray to the angels and
they send me a feather to let me know they are listening.

I find peace in angel feathers..."

~ Linda Allen ~

LindaInGoodHandsLinda has had supernatural abilities from the age of three, where she has her first real memory of life. 

She believes that she is guided by angels, loved by God and that her abilities are a gift directly from God. She knows her gift is an honor and acknowledges that it can be taken away at any time.  

Linda’s purpose is to help people understand their role in this life and direct them to love themselves and all those that cross their path.

1. Personal Readings, Counseling & Advising
In private one-on-one sessions, held in person or over the phone, Linda is able to share specific and accurate information by tuning out of herself and focusing only on you. She disconnects from the outside world and is truly guided while she listens as your angels speak to her.

60 Minute or 90 Minute Sessions
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2. Speaking Engagements/Media
Linda is available for:
• Private Events
• Motivational Keynotes
• Group Meetings/Conferences
• Guest Appearances
• Radio/Television Interviews
• Newspaper/Magazine Articles

Please contact Linda for more information:

3. Private Group Classes
Linda’s classes and workshops take place in an intimate, small group setting. Through the use of free-form lecture, visualization, meditation and discussion, she creates a supportive environment for you to explore a wide range of subject matter. Linda believes honesty, open communication, and give-and-take are paramount to reaching a higher level of trust and understanding.

Past Class Topics have Included:
• Responsibility and Ownership of Life
• Our Role in the World: Looking Beyond the Individual
• Your Life Today: What are You Putting out There?
• Letting Go of Judgment
• How to Deal with Negative Feelings and Pain
• The Power within Us to Change
• How to Read the Earth’s Vibrations and Prepare for Anything
• Reincarnation
• Angels in Our Lives

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